Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Preschool Book Study

One of my daughter's favorite books is Emily's Tiger by Miriam Latimer. We had read this book so many times that I decided it was a great book to use for some literature based activities.

We started off with some letter recognition activities. First off, T is for Tiger. My daughter cut out a T and then colored it like a tiger.

She is starting to recognize the words in the titles of books so she used our magnetic letters to spell out Emily's Tiger on a cookie sheet.

After reading the book many times over, we talked about what else might have happened to the characters in the book. Then it was time for her to illustrate one of her ideas. Here we have Emily happily practicing soccer at the park while her Granny cheers her on from the bench. My little artist chose to illustrate a time when both Emily and her Granny were happy people. She also noted some details in the illustrations in the book that she wanted to ensure were in her drawing, like the bow in Emily's hair.

In the book, Emily has difficulty controlling her temper but she lovingly receives guidance from her Granny on this matter. This book is a great read with lively and colorful illustrations. It also opened the door for my daughter and I to discuss what is appropriate behavior in various situations.